Our story

A long time ago, fresh from the University of Glasgow, I landed a ‘dream’ job at a stock brokers. It wasn’t long before I started to dream about running my own business! The love of Scotland and fine craftsmanship were in my blood.

My parents had established The Torrance Gallery in Edinburgh in 1970, so I grew up surrounded by the work of Scottish artists.

Torrance Gallery, Edinburgh.
Torrance Gallery, Edinburgh.
Angles, Edinburgh
Angles, Edinburgh

In 1987, I opened Angles, a high quality jewellery shop, in partnership with my brother Brian and his wife Jo. Always on the lookout for beautiful craftsmanship inspired by my culture and heritage, I soon discovered the magic of quaichs.

A quaich is the embodiment of Scottish hospitality, a gift which epitomises sharing, friendship and celebration. Of course, I had to stock them in my shop. And then in the second branch. When online shopping came along, I did not hesitate. Our site www.quaichshop.co.uk was one of the first selling quaichs.

Today, I and my team – Alexis, Ally, Kathleen, Pauline and Paul (technical expertise)  – sell quaichs across the globe. Our customers include the Scottish Government, the royal families of various nations, individuals near and far who share a love of this wonderful country and, of course, a growing number of discerning corporate clients. You can no longer find us on the High Street. The Quaichshop is 100% online.

Thank you, Alexis, Ally, Kathleen, Pauline, Paul and my family for making this possible. Thank you, Business Gateway especially John Taylor at Digital Boost. And thank YOU for your interest.

Now, let’s go and look at some quaichs.

Yours aye,