Pewter and horn quaichs

Our pewter and horn quaichs come in a single design, which is available in three sizes.  Each quaich has a beautiful horn bowl with a pewter rim and solid celtic handles.  The mellow depth of colour of the horn bowl beautifully complements the pewter rim and handles.

Our pewter and horn quaichs have been handcrafted into unique objects that hark back to the days when horn were used to create quaichs which became beautiful heirlooms, passed down by families through the ages.

Please note that this is a natural product and the colour of the horn varies in appearance. Variations in the horn  itself mean that no two such quaichs are actually identical.

Please note that this model of quaich is not suitable for engraving.
Quaichs are supplied in a presentation box accompanied by a card telling the story of the quaich.