Toasting quaichs

Our range of pewter toasting quaichs come in one size, 8.3cm (3.25ins) diameter.  Each quaich has a shallow bowl, as it is intended to hold only a small volume of spirit, suitable for drinking a toast. The designs of our toasting quaichs feature a combination of images, verse and celtic patterns.

The makers hand craft each pewter toasting quaich to the highest standard and you will find a variety of styles suitable for a wide range of occasions. Toasting quaichs are appropriate for celebrations of some of the big events in our lives.  The are an attractive gift which provides the recipients with a lasting memento of the occasion, which they will treasure.

For example, in one very popular design, the inside of the bowl bears an image of lovers kissing, together with the verse “And I will love thee still my dear, till all the seas gang dry”.  This comes from the poem by Robert Burns “My love is like a red, red rose”. This lovely romantic verse is very appropriate at weddings.